Project Manager


The primary function of a Project Manager is to bring an assigned project in on time and under budget. This is accomplished by assuming full responsibility for coordinating the efforts of all departments to meet these ends. A Project Manager will initiate and follow-up all purchases, submittals, shipments and correspondence concerning as assigned project.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Attend all staff meetings and study the signed contract.
  2. Make and maintain a complete contract file including Job Cost Summary and a Schedule of Values.
  3. Maintain a logbook on day-to-day job activity.
  4. Prepare a status report for staff meetings.
  5. Make and hold to a realistic project schedule
  6. Make a complete submittal per contract follow thru approval.
  7. Initiate Purchase Orders and follow-up until properly received.
  8. Verify acknowledgements and approve invoices against Purchase Orders.
  9. Monitor all shipments and maintain a file of loads.
  10. Establish an installation sequence for all departments to follow
  11. Stay in close contact with the field by:
    • a. Make and maintain a field report file with weekly photos.
    • b. Visit jobsite every week or as required.
  12. Review and critique shop drawings prior to submittal with all departments.
  13. Maintain a complete set of shop drawings and catalogue all revisions in chronological order, thru approval and as-built revision.
  14. Maintain a complete set of architectural and structural drawings.
  15. Catalogue and maintain all architectural change order drawings.
  16. Process all shop fabrication releases from engineering.
  17. At every opportunity check each phase of the project from engineering, fabrication, quality control, shipping to installation.
  18. Coordinate all the above pertinent work and information with and thru the personnel and departments responsible for the project.
Staff Meetings:

Each Wednesday, all Project Managers will meet in the conference room and review every active job. This meeting will be held at 7:00Am. Schedule status, cost status (gain / loss projections), percentage complete, and problems involved with each project will be reviewed. Serious or involved problems will be addressed at separate meetings so as to not consume the time of uninvolved personnel. General information, complaints, suggestions, etc. will also be reviewed at these meetings.

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